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ASP Programming

Duration: 40 Hours | Price: INR 5000 SAVE NOW! INR 4000 Until December 1, 2011
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Students Will Learn

  • IIS and ASP Architecture
  • VBScript
  • Constructing Forms
  • Server Objects
  • ASP Component
  • Database Access using ADO
  • Error Handling

Course Description: This hands on ASP programming course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic web pages using Active Server Pages (ASP). Topics include VBScript syntax, ASP intrinsic objects, IIS components, file I/O and database interaction. Students will learn how to connect to data from any ODBC-compliant database, and create database-driven HTML forms and reports. Students will also learn how to use all the standard ASP software components to implement dynamic web pages. The ASP scripting environment is used to create server-side scripts using VBScript and to provide dynamic web site content.

Course Prerequisites:: Basic computer skills and knowledge of HTML fundamentals. Prior programming experience is helpful but not required.

 ASP Programming Course Overview


 Overview Of Active Server Pages (ASP)

Introduction to Internet Information Server (IIS)

  • Static vs. Dynamic Web Sites
  • Dynamic Content from Databases
  • Developing Dynamic Internet Applications
  • Client-Side Scripting vs. Server-Side Scripting
Processing Forms
  • Setting the Action Attribute of the <FORM> tag
  • Setting the Method Attribute of the <FORM> tag
  • Processing Data with the Form and QueryString Collections
  • Checking for Submission
Implementing Control Constructs
  • Using Conditional and Looping Constructs
  • The IF THEN Statement
  • SELECT CASE Construct
  • The DO Loop
  • The FOR EACH Loop
  • The FOR NEXT Loop
  • The WHILE Loop
Scripting Objects
  • Additional VBScript Components
  • Relationship of the File System Objects
  • FileSystemObject Object
  • Drives Collection
  • Drive Object
  • Folders Collection
  • Folder Object
  • Files Collection
  • File Object
  • TextStream Object
  • Dictionary Object
ASP Components
  • Browser Capabilities Component
  • Ad Rotator Component
  • Counters Component
  • Content Linking Component
  • Content Rotator Component
Error Handling and the Script Debugger
  • The Err Object
  • Error Handling with the On Error Statement
  • Using the IIS Script Debugger
  • ASPError Object
Sending E-mail with CDO
  • SMTP Overview
  • Message Object
  • Configuring and E-mail Message
Using XML to Transfer Data
  • Importance of XML
  • XML Defined
  • Creating an XML Document
  • How XML is Used in ASP Applications
  • The XML Document Object Model
  • Using AJAX with ASP
  • XMLHttpRequest Object
  • IIS Overview
  • IIS Microsoft Management Console
  • WWW Sites within IIS
  • Adding a Website to the IIS
  • Website Properties
  • Exploring a Site
  • Setting Up ASP Applications
Introduction to VBScript
  • Fundamental Syntax
  • Documenting Code with Comments
  • Declaring Variables
  • The Option Explicit Statement
  • Storing and Manipulating Data in VBScript
  • Defining Arrays
  • Creating Custom Procedures
  • Formatting Data
  • Working with Date and Time Information
  • Differences Between Client-Side vs. Server-Side VBScript
  • Use of Include Files
Database Access with the ADO Object
  • Data Access Architecture
  • Connecting to ODBC Databases
  • DSN vs. DSNLess Connections
  • OLE DB Connections
  • The ADO Object Model
  • Data Access Objects
  • Obtaining Multiple Recordsets
  • Recordset Paging
  • Creating SQL Queries
  • Displaying Data on the Web Page
  • Reading, Updating, Adding, and Deleting Records
  • Adding Full Text Search Capability
Tuning Up your ASP
  • Speeding up Database Queries
  • OLE DB Connections vs. DSN Connections vs. DSNless Connections
  • Maintaining your Recordset in Memory
  • Efficient Coding Techniques
ASP.NET Overview
  • ASP.NET Defined
  • Benefits of ASP.NET
  • Compiled Languages vs. Scripting Languages
  • ASP.NET Examples
  • ASP.NET vs. ASP Today

Student Testimonials

"I am always looking to improve my skill set, and SPIRO definitely did that. I will recommend SPIRO training to others, and will seek training from them in the future."
– Srinivasan, Sathyabama University

"I have taken four or five classroom-based courses over the last year and this ASP programming course was by far the best. Very well organized, and instructed. It covered exactly the right amount of material and applied focus to the proper areas."
– Prince, Accenture
"The hands-on capability of the labs and amount of labs allows students to truly learn the ASP code."
– Jaya Prakash
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