Examples of Routing Architectures?

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Examples of Routing Architectures

There are a dozen of RFCs that deal with different aspect of routing architectures for the Internet. The oldest one I managed to find is The NSFNET Routing Architecture, defined in RFC1093 that was published in 1989. It got addition in 1991 in a form of RFC1222, Advancing the NSFNET Routing Architecture. Also, in 1991. IETF published RFC1287, Towards the Future Internet Architecture. This RFC gives possible directions for the future Internet Architecture, and as such, is much broader than routing architecture we are discussing here. Still, it has a section about future routing architecture. Then, in 1993. ipngwg working group published RFC1550, Next Generation (IPng) White Paper Solicitation, which solicited input on requirements for next generation IP. Noel Chiappa was developing Nimrod at that time and he submitted white paper published as RFC1753, IPng Technical Requirements Of the Nimrod Routing and Addressing Architecture. Basically, he published requirements on Nimrod that he believed will be put on whatever solution will be selected. Nimrod routing architecture was described in RFC1992, Nimrod routing architecture. It was published in 1995 as a possible replacement for IPv4. I'm going to write about that proposal in a separate post.

Lately, IAB recognized that there are serious problems with current routing on the Internet (which are not solved with IPv6). This is documented in report published as RFC4948, Report from the IAB Workshop on Routing and Addressing. To address problems identified in the workshop,  Routing Research Group was established with a goal of evaluating different proposed solutions. This group produced several RFCs related to routing architecture. First, there is RFC5772, A Set of Possible Requirements for a Future Routing Architecture. Because, as we already saw, defining architecture requires some requirements, RRG group produced RFC6227, Design Goals for Scalable Internet Routing, which sets requirements for routing architecture. The requirements defined in this RFC are also used to evaluate different proposals. There are more than dozen proposals. They are listed and shortly surveyed in RFC6115, Recommendation for a Routing Architecture.

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