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Nuclear Energy Power Plant
 The Potential Of Nuclear Energy

 how a nuclear power plant works? 
 Why nuclear?, what is nuclear energy, nuclear and the environment, top 10 facts, learn more, nuclear glossary, the pressurized water reactor(PWR): containment structure, pressurizer, steam generator, control rods, reactor vessel, turbine, condenser, generator., boiling water reactor(BWR).

  types of nuclear reactors

 Boiling water reactor, boiling water reactor, pressurized water reactor, liquid metal fast breeder reactor, control rod structure, reactor core, feedwater pump, steam turbine, condenser. primary loop, secondary loop, primary liquid sodium cooling loop, intermediate liquid sodium cooling loop, water and steam loop to turbine.

 nuclear physics fission and fusion
 Introduction to nuclear energy, with lecture and discussion : nuclear energy : chemistry analogy, binding energy. fission energy : reactions, resources, status. fusion energy : reactions, resources, wastes.


 nuclear power reactors 
 Several components common to most types of reactors : fuel, moderator, control rods, coolant, pressure vessel of pressure tubes, steam generator, containment. several different types of reactors : pressurized  water reactor, boiling water reactor, pressurizedheavy water reactor, gas cooled reactor, light water graphite reactor, fast neutron reactor. floating nuclear power plants, primitive reactors, primary coolants, water, helium, carbon dioxide, sodium, lead, molten fluoride salt, heat transfer for different primary coolants, use of water for cooling.

 the story of nuclear energy fission and fusion 
 Formula by famous scientist Albert Einstein, the equation says, Einstein's voice explaining. nuclear fission, nuclear fusion : deuterium, tritium, neutron, helium, energy.

 video power plant tour
 Take a virtual power plant tour, what you will need for the tour, tour tips, start the tour : view the entire tour from start to finish, start in the fuel section, start in the water section, start in the electricity section.

 inside a nuclear reactor 
 Controlling, coolant, fuel, moderator, shield, steam, electricity, test your knowledge.

 energy information administration
 Nuclear power plants operating in the united states as of december 31, 2005, EIA data on reactors, EIA data on nuclear generation, nuclear and uranium forecasts, nuclear regulatory commission.

 the virtual nuclear tourist, nuclear power plants around the world
 Current hot topics, terrorism concerns, location, private spent fuel storage, Russian enriched fuel, effects of low levels of radiation, transportation of nuclear waste, decommissioning of nuclear plants, reprocessing advanced reactors, inside the nuclear power plants, US locations plant maps, plant status events assessment operational experience NRC plant assessments reactor oversight, sample preliminary safety analysis report, world locations plants, web searches for specific us power plants.

 nuclear power plant operations
 Reactor system, Pressurized Water Reactor System, Protective Barriers.


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