Investment Casting?

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Investment Casting

Investment casting produces very high surface quality and dimensional accuracy.Investment casting is commonly used for precision equipment such as surgical equipment,for complex geometries and for precious metals.This process is commonly used by artisans to produce highly detailed artwork.The first step is to produce a pattern or replica of the finished mould. Wax is mostcommonly used to form the pattern, although plastic is also used.Patterns are typically mass-produced by injecting liquid or semi-liquid wax into apermanent die.Prototypes, small production runs and specialty projects can also be undertaken by carvingwax models.Cores are typically unnecessary but can be used for complex internal structures. Rapidprototyping techniques have been developed to produce expendable patterns.Several replicas are often attached to a gating system constructed of the same material toform a tree assembly. In this way multiple castings can be produced in a single pouring.

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