Power electronic basics

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power electronic is the one of the system came under power system.power electronics mostly used to perform the following operation

  • conversions
  • compactness       
  • control         

The energy cannot be created nor destroyed.So that we need to convert one kind of power into another kind of power with good efficiency (i.e) power electronics.

There are four types of conversions in power electronics .


  • DC TO AC 
  • DC TO DC
  • AC TO AC
  • AC TO DC

 Power electronic converters components:        

        Semiconductor switches:

  •  Diode 
  • SCR
  • IGBT   

        Energy  storage devices

  •  Inductor
  • capacitor
  • transformer

When analyzing the circuit, the state of each energy storage element contributes to the overall system’s state. Hence, there is one state variable associated to each energy storage element.

Electric fields (created by charges or variable magnetic fields and related with a voltage difference between two points in the space)

 Magnetic fields (created by magnetic dipoles or electric currents)

Usually the inductors are store the energy in the form of magnetic field or it is used kept the current as constant in the circuit to avoid the damages.The capacitor used to store the energy in the form of charge or it is used to maintain the constant voltage in the circuit. if we uses LC combinations means it act as filters.

The power electronic converts is not only converts and control,we need to reduce the cost also.

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