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Micro controllers

These days using programmable components is easy. In the early days you had to write code in assembly, burn it in an EPROM, plug the EPROM in its socket and hope you didn't make any mistake. Because if you did, you had to hunt down the error in hundreds of lines of cryptic assembly code and had to use a new EPROM. These days you've got flash memory which can be reprogrammed in circuit. You've got C and Basic compilers to write your code. Most µcontrollers have a whole lot of hardware on chip (UART, Watchdog, Real Time Clock, RAM, ROM, EEPROM,...) and libraries are available for different programming languages which make coding LC-displays or Servos very easy. Not to mention you've got emulators (A special connector plugged into the µcontroller socket which allows a PC to pretend to be the µcontroller) and simulators (simulates the µcontroller on a PC and allows to run its code) to hunt down the bugs.

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