Spectrum allocation using CRN?

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Based on fixed spectrum allocation methodology, in many countries, most of the available radio spectrum has been assigned for various services. On the other hand, careful studies of the spectrum usage pattern have revealed that the allocated spectrum experiences low utilization. In fact, recent measurements by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have shown that 70% of the allocated spectrum in US is not utilized. Furthermore, timescale of the spectrum occupancy varies from milliseconds to hours. This motivates the concept of spectrum reuse that allows secondary users/network to utilize the radio 

spectrumlicensed/allocated to the primary users/network when thespectrum is temporally not being utilized.The core technology behind spectrum reuse is cognitiveradio , which consists of three essential components:(1) Spectrum sensing: The secondary users are required tosense and monitor the radio spectrum environment within theiroperating range to detect the frequency bands that are not occupiedby primary users; (2) Dynamic spectrum management:Cognitive radio networks are required to dynamically selectthe best available bands for communications; and  Adaptivecommunications: A cognitive radio device can configure itstransmission parameters (carrier frequency, bandwidth, transmissionpower, etc) to opportunistically make best use of theever-changing available spectrum


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