The Benefits of AM

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Many people have described this technology as revolutionizing product development

and manufacturing. Some have even gone on to say that manufacturing, as we

know it today, may not exist if we follow AM to its ultimate conclusion. We might,

therefore, like to ask “why is this the case?” What is it about AM that enthuses and

inspires some to make these kinds of statements?

First, let’s consider the “rapid” character of this technology. The speed advantage

is not just in terms of the time it takes to build parts. The speeding up of the

whole product development process relies much on the fact that we are using

computers throughout. Since 3D CAD is being used as the starting point and the

transfer to AM is relatively seamless, there is much less concern over data conversion

or interpretation of the design intent. Just as 3D CAD is becoming What You

See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), so it is the same with AM and we might just as

easily say that What you See Is What You Build (WYSIWYB).

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