What is Cell Broadcast in communication?

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Cell Broadcast (CB) is a mobile technology that allows messages (currently of up to 15 pages of up to 93 characters) to be broadcast to all mobile handsets and similar devices within a designated geographical area. The broadcast range can be varied, from a single cell to the entire network.

SMS versus Cell Broadcast

Short Message Service (SMS)


Cell Broadcast (CELL BROADCAST)

Messages sent point-to-point
Transmission type
Messages sent point-to-area
Required. Requires specific phone numbers to be known
Mobile Number dependency
Independent. Does not require phone numbers to be known
No. Only pre-registered numbers will be notified; message will be received regardless of actual location
Location based targeting
Yes. All phones within a targeted geographical area (cells) will be notified.
Static messages will be sent to pre-registered numbers.
Message type
Location specific. Tailored messages can be sent to different areas.
Direct. Users can receive messages and respond directly to the sender via SMS.
Indirect. The message should contain a URL or number to reply.
Subject to network congestion.Delivery is queued. Congestion can occur
Congestion and delay
CELL BROADCAST is always available.
140-160 characters. Longer 'concatenated' messages are supported.
Message length
93 characters. Longer 'multiple page’ messages are supported.
Poor authenticity. The source of the message cannot be verified.
Good security. Only the mobile operator can broadcast messages.
No barring.
Service barring
Yes. Users can turn off CELL BROADCAST reception or a specific channel.
By default. When phone is turned on messages can be received.
Requires action. CELL BROADCAST needs to be turned on in order to receive messages.
Yes. Senders can request delivery confirmation.
Delivery confirmation
No. Confirmation of delivery to the handset is not available, however actual broadcast in the network is.
No repetition rate.
Repetition rate
Yes. Can be repeated between 2 seconds and 32 minutes.
No. Identical to all receivers.
Language selection
Yes. Messages can be broadcasted in subscriber’s preferred language
Message storage
Handset dependant.


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