What is Turbine?

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                     A windmill is the simplest kind of turbine: a machine designed to capture some of the energy from a moving fluid (a liquid or a gas) so it can be put to use. As the wind blows past a windmill's sails, they rotate, removing some of the wind's kinetic energy and converting it into mechanical energy that turns heavy, rotating stones inside the mill. The faster the wind blows, the more energy it contains; the faster the sails spin, the more energy is supplied to the mill. Adding more sails to the windmill or changing their design so they catch the wind better can also help to capture more of the wind's energy. Although you may not realize it, the wind blows just a bit more slowly after it's passed by a windmill than before—it's given up some of its energy to the mill! 

                    The key parts of a turbine are a set of blades that catch the moving fluid, a shaft or axle that rotates as the blades move, and some sort of machine that's driven by the axle. In a modern wind turbine, there are typically three propeller-like blades attached to an axle that powers an electricity generator. In an ancient waterwheel, there are wooden slats that turn as the water flows under or over them, turning the axle to which the wheel is attached and usually powering some kind of milling machine.

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