What is Xgraph?

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X GRAPH is a general purpose x-y data plotter with interactive buttons for panning, zooming, printing, and selecting display options. It will plot data from any number of files on the same graph and can handle unlimited data-set sizes and any number of data files.

XGRAPH produces wysiwyg PostScript, PDF, PPTX, and ODP output for printing hard-copies, storing, and/or sharing plotted results, and for importing, graphs directly into word-processors for creating documentation, reports, and view-graphs.


XGRAPH includes the ability to specify plotting colors for multi-color plots, as well as line-thickness. It has the ability to use any column of a multi-column file as ordinate and abscissa axis. It also supports automatic resizing of its window. Zoom interactively into any region of a graph by simply dragging a box around the region with your mouse.

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