What is secure allocation?

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Security for dynamic address allocation service in mobile adhoc networks is still an open issue. A security framework to thwart all possible attacksrelated to the buddy system based distributed dynamic address assignment protocol (ddaap). The authors' proposed protocol called sheap (secured threshold based ddaap) is based on a fully distributed pki and a threshold based certified pool address allocation model. ns2 simulation results show that, while sheap is deployed, the increasing in communication overhead and latency is quite reasonable. the availability and the security are so guaranteed for the manet auto-configuration service while still ensuring efficiently both network and security parameters for a newly arrived node.

Wireless security is the prevention of unauthorized access or damage to computers using wireless networks. A wireless interactive security system is much simpler to install than a traditional wired system. Wireless security enhance security of different layer and components of mobile networks, mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless LAN, Wi-Fiand Wi-Max. A security extension to the OLSR routing protocol developed by SINTEF ICT tailored for use by first responders in emergency and rescue scenarios. We implement the protocol in the NS-2 simulationenvironment in order to verify correctness and measure the effect on key performance metrics.

A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of communication devices or nodes that wish to communicate without any fixed infrastructureand pre-configured organization of available links. The nodes in a MANET are responsible for dynamically discovering other nodes to communicate. Although an ongoing trend is to adopt ad hoc networks for commercial uses, there are still concerns with respect to their vulnerability to securityattacks. A number of challenges like open peer-to-peer network architecture, stringent resource constraints, shared wireless medium, dynamic network topology etc. are present in a MANET. The collaborative nature of ad-hoc networks and the necessity of each node to act both as an end system and to perform routing functions makes routing protocols the main target of security attacks.

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