duration of mechanical crank rotational..???

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Slider crank mechanism         

          The slider-crank mechanism is a particular four-bar linkage configuration that exhibits bothlinear and rotational motion simultaneously. This mechanism is frequently utilized in undergraduateengineering courses to investigate machine kinematics and resulting dynamic forces. The position,velocity, acceleration and shaking forces generated by a slider-crank mechanism during operation canbe determined analytically. Certain factors are often neglected from analytical calculations, causingresults to differ from experimental data. The study of these slight variances produces useful insight. Thefollowing report details the successful design, fabrication and testing of a pneumatically powered slidercrankmechanism for the purpose of classroom demonstration and experimentation. Transducersmounted to the mechanism record kinematic and dynamic force data during operation, which can thenbe compared to analytical values. The mechanism is capable of operating in balanced and unbalancedconfigurations so that the magnitude of shaking forces can be compared. The engine was successfullymanufactured and operates as intended. Data recorded by the device’s accelerometers is comparable tocalculated values of acceleration and shaking force.

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