what are the features of java 8?

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JAVA 8 (aka jdk 1.8) is a major release of JAVA programming language development. Its initial version was released on 18 March 2014. With the Java 8 release, Java provided support for functional programming, new JavaScript engine, new APIs for date time manipulation, new streaming API, etc. New Features There are dozens of features added to Java 8, the most significant ones are mentioned below − Lambda expression − Adds functional processing capability to Java. Method references − Referencing functions by their names instead of invoking them directly. Using functions as parameter. Default method − Interface to have default method implementation. New tools − New compiler tools and utilities are added like ‘jdeps’ to figure out dependencies. Stream API − New stream API to facilitate pipeline processing. Date Time API − Improved date time API. Optional − Emphasis on best practices to handle null values properly. Nashorn, JavaScript Engine − A Java-based engine to execute JavaScript code.
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