what is Preferential Attachment (PA) ?

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Wildlife monitoring is an enormous organizational challenge due to the required time and effort for setting and maintaining it. It is particularly difficult when the observed species has a complex social hierarchy and different roles for the members in the social group.

In this paper, we introduce an approach to model a primate social network. The primates have complex social behaviors and network structure. As a result, there is a need for realistic computational models to fully understand and analyze the social behavior of such animal groups. We propose a novel spatial cut-off preferential attachment model with a center of mass concept to model the characteristics of the primate groups and a role determination algorithm, which groups the primates into their roles in the society based on the data collected by the wireless sensor and actor networks (WSAN).

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 The performance of the monitoring and role determination algorithms, the applicability of the network formation and the mobility models are evaluated through extensive simulations. 

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