what is NAM?

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 NAM stands for Network Animator .NAM  provides a visual interpretation of the network topology created. Theapplication was developed as part of the VINT project. Its features are as follows. displays the NAM application and its components.

• Provides a visual interpretation of the network created• Can be executed directly from a Tcl script

• Controls include play, stop fast forward, rewind, pause, a display speed controller and a packetmonitor facility.

• Presents information such as throughput, number packets on each link.• Provides a drag and drop interface for creating topologies.

Nam is a Tcl/TK based animation tool for viewing network simulation traces and real world packet traces. It supports topology layout, packet level animation, and various data inspection tools. 
Nam began at LBL. It has evolved substantially over the past few years. The nam development effort was an ongoing collaboration with the VINT project. Currently, it is being developed as an open source project

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