what is garbage collection in java and how it works ?

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Definition: Java garbage collection is an automatic process to manage the runtime memory used by programs. By doing it automatic JVM relieves the programmer of the overhead of assigning and freeing up memory resources in a program. Works: Being an automatic process, programmers need not initiate the garbage collection process explicitly in the code. System.gc() and Runtime.gc() are hooks to request the JVM to initiate the garbage collection process. Though this request mechanism provides an opportunity for the programmer to initiate the process but the onus is on the JVM. It can choose to reject the request and so it is not guaranteed that these calls will do the garbage collection. This decision is taken by the JVM based on the eden space availability in heap memory. The JVM specification leaves this choice to the implementation and so these details are implementation specific. Undoubtedly we know that the garbage collection process cannot be forced. I just found out a scenario when invoking System.gc() makes sense. Just go through this article to know about this corner case when System.gc() invocation is applicable.
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