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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration

Duration:40 HOURS  | Price: INR   6000  SAVE NOW!  INR 5000 until December 1, 2015

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Students Will Learn

  • Configuring and Installing SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server Database Engine Architecture
  • Replication, Backup and Restore
  • Database Mirroring
  • Security Administration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Maintaining Data Integrity
  • Creating and Populating Databases
  • Automating Procedures
  • Full-Text Search Architecture

Course Description: This class consists of 40 Hours of hands-on training that focus on the fundamentals of administering the SQL Server 2008 database engine. Participants in this course will come away with the knowledge and experience required to administer SQL Server 2008. The course focuses on performing common administrative tasks, understanding how SQL Server works under the covers, and optimizing SQL Server performance as well as assuring high data availability. Attendees will learn how to install, configure, manage, secure, automate, monitor, and optimize SQL Server 2008. You will also learn how to create, manage, back up, and restore individual databases, transfer and replicate data, configure for high availability, and plan disaster recovery.

Emphasis is placed on how SQL Server 2008 is architected, so that you will be able to make the proper decisions in configuring and managing your SQL Server instances. The hands-on labs provide comprehensive practice performing common administrative tasks.

Course Prerequisites:Familiarity with database concepts, Windows desktop navigation and software installation techniques. Attendance at SPIRO's SQL Programming/Relational Database Design course is highly recommended although not required.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration Course Overview


 An Overview of SQL Server 2008

Configuring SQL Server 2008

  • SQL Server 2008 Architecture
  • Available Features and Tools
  • New Capabilities
  • SQL Services
  • Product Licensing
  • Product Editions
Installing SQL Server 2008
  • Preparing for Installation
  • Creating Users for Service Accounts
  • Choosing Appropriate File Locations
  • Choosing Instance Names
  • Installing SQL Server 2008
  • Choosing Appropriate Features
  • Specifying Service User Accounts
  • Choosing Licensing Mode
  • Choosing Appropriate Collation
  • Installing Multiple Instances
  • Upgrading to SQL Server 2008
Using SQL Server 2008 Management Tools
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • SQL Server Books Online
Creating and Configuring a Database
  • Creating Databases
  • Creating Tables
  • Specifying Data Types
  • Creating Indexes
  • Describing Data File Structure
  • Describing Log File Structure and Function
  • Creating Filegroups
  • Configuring Filestream Storage
  • Creating and Using Database Snapshots
  • Moving a Database to Another SQL Server
Securing SQL Server
  • SQL Server Security Architecture
  • Defining Principals and Securables
  • Using the Security Hierarchy
  • Creating Logins and Users
  • Applying Password Policies to SQL Logins
  • Creating Roles
  • Granting Permissions
  • Using SQLCMD to Test Permissions
  • Creating and Using Certificates
  • Setting Execution Context
  • Encrypting Data
  • Encrypting Databases
Importing and Exporting Data
  • Using bcp and BULK INSERT
  • Using the Import/Export Wizard
  • Using Integration Services to Import Data
Maintaining Data Reliability
  • Maintaining Data Integrity
  • Creating Constraints
  • Describing and Using DML Triggers
  • Configure Data Compression
  • Setting Transaction Isolation Levels
  • Capturing Changed Data
Maintaining High Availability of Data
  • Purpose of Windows Clustering
  • Implementing Database Mirroring
  • Use of Log Shipping
  • Registering Servers
  • Using Metadata Views to Obtain Object Properties
  • Using Object Explorer
  • Configuring a SQL Server Instance
  • Configuring Object Properties
  • Using the Query Window
  • Creating Transact SQL Projects
  • Managing Services
  • Configuring Server Network Connections
  • Configuring Client Connections and Aliases
  • Configuring the Surface Area of SQL Server
  • Configuring Policy-Based Management
  • Creating a Central Management Server
  • Using the Dedicated Administrator Connection
  • Configuring Data Replication
  • Creation and Maintenance of Full-Text Catalogs
  • Describing Full-Text Search
Monitoring Data Structures
  • ICreating DDL Triggers
  • Creating Event Notifications
  • Configuring SQL Server Audit
Monitoring SQL Server Performance
  • Using the Windows Performance Tool to Detect the Cause of a Bottleneck
  • Using SQL Server Profiler
  • Using Dynamic Management Functions
  • Interpreting Management Studio Reports
  • Using Activity Monitor
Optimizing SQL Server Performance
  • Describing Index Structures
  • Clustered Indexes
  • Nonclustered (NC) Indexes
  • Choosing Appropriate Clustered Index
  • Choosing Appropriate NC Indexes
  • Detecting Index Fragmentation
  • Rebuilding and Reorganizing Indexes
  • Using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  • Generating and Interpreting Query Plans
  • Configuring the Resource Governor
Automating Tasks
  • Creating Maintenance Plans
  • Job Creation and Execution
  • Creating Schedules for Jobs
  • Creating and Using Proxies
  • Configuring Alerts
  • Creating and Using Operators
  • Configuring and Using Database Mail
Backing Up and Restoring Databases
  • Choosing Appropriate Database Recovery Model Option
  • Describing Automatic Recovery
  • Choosing an Appropriate Backup Strategy
  • Determining Backup File Contents
  • Designing a Database Recovery Plan
  • Using Backup Compression
  • Use of Filegroups in a Backup Strategy
  • Restoring the Master Database
  • Rebuilding System Databases

 Student Testimonials

"Great course. Fast paced learning covered exactly what I needed."
– T.W., United States Navy

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