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It is purposely dedicated for innovative students. Here we encourage students who have new concepts and projects in various domains.

Students Will Learn

  • SharePoint Architecture, Installation and Configuration
  • Creating and Customizing Lists
  • Managing Document Libraries
  • Configuring Content Approval
  • Adding Sites and Pages to Support Team Collaboration
  • Adding Web Parts to Pages
  • Excel, Word, Visio and PowerPoint Integration
  • Managing Document Workspaces
  • Implementing Branding with Custom Master Pages
  • Using CSS to Manage Visual Aspects of SharePoint Sites
  • Security and User Rights
  • Active Directory User Profile Synchronization
  • Backups and Site-Usage Monitoring
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) for Database Integration
  • Creating Custom Workflows
  • Working with SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio for Custom Development

Course Description: This hands-on course teaches students how to deploy, configure, manage and fully customize SharePoint 2010 environments. It begins with a thorough examination of how SharePoint really functions under the hood, and how to configure new SharePoint environments. From there students learn the details of how to create new sites from scratch or by using site templates, pages and web parts available in SharePoint 2010, including wikis, blogs, team sites, web databases and meeting workspaces. The course also covers how to create custom web parts from scratch.

Included is the techniques of using lists to promote information sharing, create surveys, mange the status of tasks and projects and share calendars, as well as the creation of custom lists either from scratch or based on spreadsheets. Document and file management is also thoroughly reviewed, including setting up content approval, managing major and minor changes to documents, and checking-out/checking-in documents. Integration with Microsoft Office products (including Excel, Word, Visio and PowerPoint) is also reviewed.

Students will learn how to implement business rules using the built-in workflows as well as how to create custom workflows using SharePoint Designer 2010. The SharePoint Designer will also be used to define custom master pages to control the look and feel of sites, as well as use cascading style sheets (CSS) to completely customize and standardize site and page appearance. Business Connectivity Services (BCS) will be reviewed, including how to use BCS to connect securely to databases and present this content in SharePoint. Security and user rights are emphasized, as well as other fundamental SharePoint administration topics such as offline support, caching and backup and restore. Active Directory user profile synchronization and the personalization features of SharePoint 2010 (MySites, Tags and Notes, and E-mail Alerts) are discussed and demonstrated.

Hands on exercises include creation of common SharePoint components such as lists, libraries, blogs, calendars, wikis, announcements and tasks. Later exercises include integration with Microsoft Office products including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint as well as supporting business intelligence reports and dashboards. Students will also practice how to implement business rules with workflows. Security and user rights are emphasized throughout.

SharePoint 2010 Administration and Utilization Course Overview


 Installation and Architecture

Building SharePoint Sites and Pages

  • SharePoint 2010 Prerequisites
  • Installation Options
  • Installing and Configuring SharePoint 2010
  • Complete SharePoint Architecture
  • Using the Central Administration Utility
Lists and List Customization
  • How to Use Lists for Information Management
  • Setting Up Calendars, Task Lists, Announcements and other Built-in Lists
  • Creating and Deploying Surveys
  • Setting Up Status Indicators
  • Creating Custom Lists From Scratch
  • Importing Spreadsheets to SharePoint Lists
  • Creating Custom Views of Lists
Web Parts and Pages
  • Adding Additional Pages to Sites
  • Understanding Web Parts and Adding Them to Sites
  • Enabling and Configuring Publishing Pages
  • Creating and Managing Web-Part Pages
  • Creating and Linking to Wiki Pages
  • Customizing and Managing Site Navigation
Database Connectivity
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Architecture
  • Managing Database Security Credentials
  • Configuring BCS to Return Records from Databases
  • Presenting Records Using External Lists
  • Managing Record Updates
Personalization Features and Active Directory Integration
  • Understanding MySites as an Organizational Social Networking Tool
  • Managing the Ability to Create MySites
  • Working with Tags and Notes
  • Configuring Automated E-mail Notifications of Changes
  • Integrating SharePoint with Active Directory
  • Synchronizing Active Directory Profiles with SharePoint
SharePoint Customization Tools
  • Using the SharePoint Web Application to Manage Sites and Site Components
  • Navigating and Using SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Understanding Customization Using Visual Studio 2010
  • Categories of SharePoint Sites
  • Purpose of Each Site Template
  • Working with Web Database Sites
  • Defining Quota Templates to Manage Site Size
  • Using Managed Paths to Configure URL Addresses
  • Creating and Managing New Web Applications
  • Creating Site Collections and Sites
Libraries and Document Management
  • Sharing Files and Documents with Libraries
  • Configuring Content Approval
  • Setting Up Check-In/Check-Out of Documents
  • Managing Major and Minor Version Changes
  • Managing and Sharing PowerPoint Slides
  • Customizing Libraries
  • Creating Custom Views of Libraries
  • Using Workflows to Implement Business Rules
  • Configuring the Built-in Workflows
  • Creating List-Based Custom Workflows
  • Creating Reusable Custom Workflows
Site Branding and Visual Customization
  • Understanding the Built-in Master Page Templates
  • Customizing Master Pages to Accomplish Branding
  • Removing Unwanted Components of Master Pages
  • Using CSS to Manage the Look and Feel of Sites
  • Working with the CSS Tools of SharePoint Designer
  • Connecting to External CSS Files
Administration and Security
  • Configuring Site-Level Security
  • Managing List and Library Permissions
  • Creating Custom Groups to Manage Users
  • Backup and Restore
  • Configuring Offline Availability
  • Understanding and Configuring Content Caching

Student Testimonials

"This training far exceeded my expectations. The instructor has been a wonderful and very knowledgeable trainer. All of the concepts were clearly explained using real world examples. Questions were answered quickly and concisely. I will definitely be signing up for additional classes and referring friends to use SPIRO training. Thank you!"
– Arumugan,Inautix

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