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It is purposely dedicated for innovative students. Here we encourage students who have new concepts and projects in various domains.

Woking at Spiro

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, you’ll find an environment that allows you to explore and map out a dynamic career path tailored to your personal goals, and a supportive community of colleagues working together toward real opportunities to positively impact our company, our clients, and their own careers. If you are looking at being a part of the Spiro team, Please write to us on career@spiroit.com


“Working for Spiro is more than a job. Call it an adventure, a thrilling roller coaster ride that combines work and personal life. Since joining 3 Years ago, I’ve been able to experience diverse fields and environments, and had the opportunity to take th lead on a number of initiatives. Most importantly, I know that even more challenges await me in my futures roles within the company.”
– Jagadeesh, HR Manager, Chennai, India


I thanks to spiro solutions pvt for innovative think and our company giving freedom of work for us. I gain more knowledge here it will be helpful for my carrier. My java team members are good team workers. Wherever they go, they can proof them best of knowledge.


I think it is a right platform for the beginners like me to learn a lot. So I feel fortunate being working in SPIRO .Here I got my freedom to create the projects in my own way, may be this thing would not be possible in other company, So I am very thankful to you for giving me such a great seniors and environment to learn well about my domain.


I thanks to SPIRO SOLUTIONS PVT for providing the golden opportunity to me. I was joined this company at 7th June 2010. Through this job I learn technically much and also improved my communication skill. Spiro give full freedom for the employee to develop the projects. Spiro provides good environment for fresher.


When I entered Spiro I was blank but now I have learnt more things in Java with help of my guide and co-workers. Thanks for giving good Environment and Exposure .By attending enquiries and by taking class, my communication was much better now.


Before I start, I need to convey my thanks to Management to give me a good chance to make and develop my carrier brightness. Under my vision, my working platform and experience is wonderful and learned a lot of things. I learned lot of technologies related to java. I am really thankful for this company.


In 2011, I was looking for to enter into a software development stream (after I was working as a system admin). Spiro solutions offered me a exciting and challenging opportunity in their company. Through this job I gain more knowledge and precisely what I was looking for and Spiro provided me with all necessary support. I work in a closely-knit team where success is celebrated and everyone in the team strives hard for this success. It is this close working environment that enables us to work together and deliver outstanding applications.


I have working here for four months now and the time which I have had here is great. I started as a Trainee Programmer in Java at Spiro. Gaining new Technologies here gave me a sense of achievement which served as a morale booster to deliver better. There are many factors for growth at Spiro. The goal envisaged by our leaders serves as the guiding light to go in the right direction. There is a tremendous sense of dedication and responsibility rooted deep within my senior colleagues.

It has been a great feeling being acquainted with Spiro which not only welcomes our thoughts and ideas but also cares to suggest new paths based on our interest, experience and expertise. Right from day one, I have been constantly learning and it gives me great satisfaction to have contributed towards the objectives. The hard work done towards companies objectives have been lauded and well recognized.


First of all I have to thank for SPIRO SOLUTIONS to given a wonderful environment to develop myself. When I am entering into spiro I have little bit fear, now this environment teaches me how to face the problems. Here I learn how to be a team to solve a problem. Here my learning not only stopped in technical and also I learn how to work in office environments and how work with projects and all. And also I have to thank for all my seniors to teaching and supporting in my technical and all the thinks.


Thanks for giving this environment. I have to learn the new technology from this company. Before I am joining this company I know the little bit knowledge. Now, I know advanced concepts. My seniors were helping during the project section.


First of all I want to say thank you for giving this opportunity to me. Spiro provides the environment where I am learning the technology. Here you are providing freedom to think new ideas, it will aids to me implement those ideas to our project. Thank you. Ultimately I am working well with the help of my staffs and my seniors.


When I joined in Spiro I don’t know that much about java. Spiro gave me a nice environment to develop my technical skills as well as communication skill. They gave me a opportunity to develop project in a any framework. I gain more knowledge from here. This is the right place to learn any technology. Thanks to Spiro to gave me a opportunity to work here.


I am very glad to work in spiro solutions pvt ltd it’s a very nice environment to develop our soft skills and communication skills. Our seniors help to learn and give new suggestions for developing the projects.


I thank you for giving a good opportunity. It’s very nice environment to learn new things within short period of time. My seniors help me to developing projects which helps in improve my knowledge. I feel in working in this company as like an IT company.


Firstly I would like to thank you for providing me an excellent opportunity in your prestigious company. I feel very happy in working this company which helps me to learn new technology within short period of time. About company coworkers always stand with me to improve my programming skills.



Employee’s friendly and stress free workplace with lot of opportunities to improve our knowledge. Challenging work will add to our expertise. Timings can be flexible depending upon the project. Good trainings provided to the employees. Giving satisfaction to clients by implementing recent technology in their projects.
- Rajasekar.C,Dot net Programmer


It is a great place to work at, great environment and great place for Software. I found the staff in my department extremely supportive. All maintained an attitude that all customers are important. Excellent benefits and salary. Very good opportunities for advancement and regular performance reviews. Management trust and respects you and treats you as a professional.
-Sathiyaraj.T, Dot net Programmer


Good place and good environment to learn and implementing new technologies in our project. Fulfilling client satisfaction. Since from starting onwards I learned and growth parallel with organization. Very good relation with admin. I thankful to management to giving this great opportunity.
- Rajesh.S, Dot net Programmer


I appreciate Spiro Solution team for their good work. I am extremely satisfied with the relevant information’s they give relating to job, and the way of handling queries of the consultants are really good. Spiro Solution has provided resources for crucial requirements and they have done it within the timeframe given to them. Service from the Spiro team is excellent. Thanks for providing me the opportunity to join such a big MNC and stabilizing my career.
- Ramu.R, Dot net Programmer


As I am feeling proud to be staff of Spiro under Spiritual management ,Its quiet comfortable for me to play a challenging role .with peaceful mind set why because of not having any stress and work tension from management.
- Venkatesan .R, Dot net Programmer


Spiro Solution provides a good opportunity at the right time and right environment, so that the talented people are getting absorbed by the client. I’m comfortable with my job. Thank you for fulfilling my dream.
- Gowthaman.M, Dot net Programmer


While entering to this organization I am a beginner, but now I am a Developer. It’s very good apt place where one can start their career, good working atmosphere, good relationship with management, getting good compensation based on the work .Often get new technology training host by more than 10+ years experience professionals. Giving satisfaction to clients by implementing recent technology in their projects.
- ArunKumar.T, Dot net Programmer


It’s the place for keeping yourself up-to-date with recent trend in technology with the training provided by experienced professionals. Good work life balance, good growth opportunities and overall provides good environment to work. So I am happy and satisfied with my organization for providing such environment.
- Rajkumar.c, Dot net Programmer


First of all I thankful to the managemt to giving this offer have learned so many new things related to personal and professional life. Good compensation and good team realationship.i hope it’s very good place for me professional carrrier.giving clients satisfaction based on their requirements. Also I getting chance to well trained professionals.
- Manikandan.R, Dot net Programmer


First I thank you to give me an opportunity to work in Spiro. This is my first company in my IT carrier and I think everyone should get a company for starting their carrier, because here I learned a lot regarding my domain from my seniors and trainers. For hardly, the students enquiry increased my communication skills and it also increased confidence to my job. I feel myself very lucky to get a chance to work in Spiro.
- Asok kumar.SM, Dot net Programmer



Spiro gives the outstanding opportunity to fresher and experts for challenging task. I was a fresher when I joined, but now I have brought out many talented young achievers at the quantum best from my experience. A perfect platform for all spirited individual to learn new technologies and implement innovative ideas to the technologies.


Spiro Solution Private limited is a Real time oriented developing company. It has 10(Ten) branches all over the India. Over Seven hundred employees are working around the India. It has its administration and the corporate at Pondy Bazaar in Chennai. It deals with real time oriented technology like Embedded, Java J2ee, Dot Net, Mat lab etc., in each of the technology; it has its own specialization. I feel proud to be player in this company.


I would like to thank to our Managing Director of SPIRO SOLUTIONS for offering this chance to say about the company. I feel so happy to say that, “SPIRO SOLUTIONS” is one of the best organizations where I have started my career and getting more experience. It is a place where I can utilize my knowledge worthy. I think it is my best time, to get the team building experience which is one of my reachable dreams.


Huge opportunity for self learning and development. The work environment is pretty and much relaxed, fairly receptive to new ideas. Team members are always willing to help and share experiences. The management practice is growing and competing against larger vendors which provide good experience.


Spiro is a flexible and friendly place to work. Lots of opportunities to work on different technologies, a good place to start career. The training program at SPIRO is excellent. The work environment is also very encouraging. The infrastructure is very good.


Working at SPIRO is an excellent experience. SPIRO helped me to grow out of bounds in my knowledge on Embedded Systems and instilled Great Confidence in me to achieve the heights of my passion in Embedded Domain. For people passionate about embedded, SPIRO is the good place to begin their career. I heartily thank SPIRO and its team, in assisting me to climb the first step of my career. -P.SATHISHKUMAR,EMBEDDED PROGRAMMER


"I am really feel great pleasure working in SPIRO because here we can learn so many things related to my career . So I believe that I have great future by using this opportunity. Here only we can see the strength of team work for the development, it is very excellent and rare”


SPIRO is always a warm welcoming carpet for talents. I am so glad that I got an oppurtunity to be one among the gifted buds awaiting bloom in this blessed tree.


It is my at most pleasure to work in Spiro solutions. Here I have lot of opportunity to develop my skills. Everyone here are friendly and respectful. I feel that the working conditions here are very good. Each person is allowed to have their different views and contributive differences and we are allowed to work at our own speed in order to achieve success in our daily tasks. More communication between different branches and departments makes our work to gain perfection.


Feeling immense pleasure in working as a part of such an organization that renders multiple talent and achievement to talented youths and an platform to strengthen, and guide you to what you want to experience and expertise in your life.


I want to thank to the Managing Director of "SPIRO SOLUTIONS" for giving this opportunity to say about the Spiro solutions."Working in Spiro Solutions means learning Subject "I am very glad to say that I am utilizing my knowledge in this organization Worthy”.


Working for SPIRO SOLUTION PVT LTD has been a great learning experience. I have grown in many ways during my time here and I appreciate the opportunities provided for me by SPIRO SOLUTION PVT LTD.


SPIRO is the only place where talents can express their complete skills. I can’t realize till now that had an opportunity to work with SPIRO.I feel so proud to be one of the people to work for the development of Company.



First of all I thankful to the Spiro solutions private limited, for giving me a great opportunity to work on MATLAB programming environment, so I am very happy and satisfied with my organization for providing such environment.

The best opportunity to learn more things from Spiro Solutions PVT ltd. All staffs are friendly in nature, this is one of platform to gain more knowledge,and I learned many things from taking enquiry and my communication skill increased this will helpful for my career growth. I like to work here. Thank you.
- Shwetha.S

I thankful to give this opportunity to me. Good place and good environment to learn and implementing new technologies in our project. Fulfilling client satisfaction. I’m comfortable with my job. Thank you for fulfilling my dream.

It s best opportunity to learn more about mat lab other technical software more than any were.and it give opportunity to improve skill s in coding as well as in knowledge in communication.
-Shabeer Ali.K

This company may be a good foundation in my career for my future. I am learning lot of new things & concepts after joining to this company I am still keep on learning. I could become a good professional. In my further coming future. All the colleagues are very kind & also the employees. So I would be glad in working in this company.I am very glad to handle both power electronics & communication domain.

A place to show our skills. Of my 3 months experience in spiro, I have learnt a lot in MATLAB and in power electronics. In communication domain I came to know about new concepts like OFDM, cognitive radios. By speaking to different students, I am learning a lot like how to interact.
-S.Thiruvikraman (Matlab)



I am proud of Spiro to give this opportunity to me to join this Spiro family. This opportunity is useful to update my knowledge and communication. Spiro is a path for entering to leading MNC companies. They providing feasible environment to work with all and I would like to thanks to say management selected me to be the part of Spiro.
- Vivekkumar.S

I am realizing now, when I was entering into SPIRO as an employee. Now I am very happy to work in the part of SPIRO with god’s grace. Really very thankful for giving good opportunity to go to an extra mile in my future. I sure that this is a starting point of my career to go to long distance. I hope that it will leads to turning point of my career life. Heartly thank full to SPIRO.

This is my first experience as an employee in SPIRO SOLUTIONS, I feel very happy here with my organizations and employers. I learned a lot regarding my employers and improved my skills about work and how to phase the student enquiries and this is the best base for employer’s career. I like this organization, I will never forget it, I say proudly this is the best base for all employees.
Raju. Ch



Our entrepreneurial culture emphasizes empowerment of the individual to make decisions that enrich client/Student satisfaction, and it rewards personal initiative and achievement.

We look for the best and brightest when hiring so our management is constantly focused on making our workplace one that’s stimulating, positive, and inclusive. A workplace that’s dedicated to service excellence and reflects the highest standards of conduct.

In return for contribution, we offer an attractive employment package that includes highly competitive salary and benefits packages tailored to each geography, as well as additional financial incentives and performance rewards. You’ll be thoroughly briefed on the specifics when you join.

Training and Developemet, Engg Projects
So far we have provided R&D training for more than 1,00,000 engineering Students.
Latest Projects 2012, Latest Technologiy Project
Had conducted seminars in the recent trends of technology at various colleges.
Our research projects had been presented in various National & International Conferences.
Most of our projects were identified by the industries as suitable for their needs.
Our n-number of students got research scholarship to extend our assisted projects for further development.
Training and Developemt, Project Development in Chennai
SPIRO guarantees small class sizes.
Final Year Projects
SPIRO guarantees quality instructors.
Student Projects, Stupros
SPIRO guarantees competence.
Projects, student projects
SPIRO guarantees that training from SPIRO will be more cost-effective than training from any other source.
Final Year Projects, Projects, student projects
SPIRO guarantees that students in open-enrollment classes are protected against cancellations and will be able to receive desired training at the cost they expect and in the time frame they have planned.
Projects for student
SPIRO guarantees overall quality with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied for any reason, simply withdraw before the second day of any class. Notify the instructor and return all course materials and you will receive a 100% refund.
#78, 3rd Floor, Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17.
(Upstair Hotel Murugan Idly Shop)
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Tamilnadu, India.

Mobile : +91-9791 044 044, +91-9962 067 067
E-Mail: spiroprojects@gmail.com
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