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It is purposely dedicated for innovative students. Here we encourage students who have new concepts and projects in various domains.

Students Testimonials


Students Project Testimonials

"We are a group of 5 people who are from biology background with no knowledge regarding the electronics and coding. We came up with our design that is completely related to electronics, to Saravanan Sir from Spiro. Within a span of one week, he finished our project and modified it to an extent that it is feasible. We got a clarity on our idea from Saravanan Sir and somehow managed to complete our project and exited from the place with a positive note. We would like to recommend all the engineering students with such new ideas who would like to give it a shape, to approach this company for improvements. "- Samyukta Narayanan, smk fomra institute of technology, 2018-2019 batch

"we have taken 6 projects from Spiro Solutions Private Limited for our college. Santhosh and total embedded team did our projects very well. we feel happy we will suggest others to do projects at here. "- venkatesh ch, SRM University, 2018-2019 batch

"Very Best center for project preparing , good response and also explained about project head is very clear best time keeping. "- Sadasivam Yuva, SRM University, 2018-2019 batch

At SPIRO I have learnt, how the embedded projects can be practically implemented. Excellent training!!! Well packaged and delivered with high quality. - Naveen. AVIT, 2010-2011 batch

I have learnt a lot from Project training at SPIRO Academy. It really enhance my knowledge of parallel programming and helped me in placement in TCS. - Jagadeesh, Panimalar Engg college, 2010-2011 batch

SPIRO Academy goes beyond the realms of the monotonous teaching-exam scenario and focuses on the overall development of its students. - Deepthi, Narayana Engg College, Nellore

"Outstanding training. Good interaction between trainer and team. Good pace of course and very beneficial."- Vikash Gupth, SRM University, 2010-2011 batch

Good training to attend, helped to improve my knowledge in Networking Domain, good examples used by the trainer to make us understand. - Sarvanana, Sakthi Engg College,-Coimbatore

Good training from SPIRO, nice learning process. - Karthiravan Vignesh, KLN Engg college, Madurai

Good Project Training, faculty has excellent knowledge.- Ram Kumar N Paavai Engg College,- Namakkal

The support of the admin team was really excellent. The personal care and attention given to each of the participants is really praise worthy. - M.Amraph, Dr.M.V. Shetty Institute of Technology , Moodabidri, Mangalore

“The RDP Programme installs professional confidence in young engineers & prepares them for roles as Engineers.” - Anil Kumar,
Deccon College of Engg, Hyderabad

It was a very useful workshop not only my academic project the other sessions were also equally helpful. - Sanjana, T.K.R College of Engg,-Hyderabad

Great Projects and good facilitators. - NareshBabu.N Adhiyaman college, Hosur

The training is excellent and lab facilities provided were very good. At the end of the training session we were able to build a good embedded system project. - Rubiyha, Shakila, Einstin engg college, Nellai.

Very good program all together and the environment is very good. - Ganesh Nambuduri, Matha college, Cochin.

RDP training program which I can recommend to my friends. - R.Jenniffer, Banaglore Institute of Technology, Bangaluru

"Spiro has some of the best training faculties in Project Training. They have extensive knowledge of the subject matter and have impressive presentation skills.- Vijay Arokiaraj, Sathyabama University


C Programming

"The course exceeded my expectations. I expected to get a kick start on the road to learning C. Instead I felt I now have a solid ground of the fundamentals and I ready to dive in with both feet."
– Ravi,student

"I enjoyed the class way more than I enjoyed trying to figure out C on my own."
– Krishna

"Excellent course – nice combination of labs and instruction."
– Deepthi

C++ Programming


"Great class! The instructor did a WONDERFUL job - was very knowledgeable, engaging, and helpful. Great teacher, one of the best I’ve had. The class was very well laid out -I was skeptical that we’d be able to cover so much ground, but we received valuable, in-depth training on each section."
– Richard
"This is the best training class I ever had! This instructor obviously has significant practical experience and it shows. The pace of the class was very good and it kept my attention."
– Sugumran
"I was very happy with the course. I learned what I wanted to about C++ and the exercises helped reinforce my learning. The instructor was very helpful and having a knowledgeable person to ask questions to was an invaluable resource."
– Kiran Kumar


ASP.NET 3.5 Programming Using C#.NET


"Good class. Labs were very helpful to work through mistakes to learn how to code up what we had just learned."
– Aravindh


ASP.NET 3.5 Programming Using Visual Basic.NET

"The teachers know their stuff - the contect was clear and concise. There were many 'real' examples to further explain their point!"
– Manoj

"This course was excellent. I will be going through the lab exercises again once I’m back in the office. The instructor was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the material. I will definitely look for my next training course with spiro."
– Siva Kumar

Advanced .NET Framework Programming Using C#

"Course was interesting; gained a solid understanding of core advanced .NET topics; instructor was engaging, dynamic and challenging. Interacting with developers from different background was stimulating."
– Jothi

"This course provided a great understanding of concepts and methodology for C# .NET. The small classroom size was extremely beneficial to the learning experience."
– Kani mozhi

"This course was very helpful for me. I don't regularly code in C# but will be supporting and managing a future web service system written in C#. I now understand the structure of C# and feel confident that I'll be able to do my job. Thanks - good course!"
– Kiran Kumar

Advanced .NET Framework Programming Using VB.NET


"The instructor was able to provide a plethora of information about the .NET platform and Visual Basic.Net. The instructor was awesome!"
- Sumith, HCL

"Excellent class! Thank you! I will look towards SPIRO the next time I need training."
- Meenatchi, Polaris


Advanced ASP.NET Application Development Using C# and AJAX

"This is my third training class with SPIRO. All of them excellent classes. Keep up the good work."
– Revathi, Polaris

"Very thorough presentation of the course. Lab exercises and the demo’s through each module helped understand the topic more."
– Kevin , CSS Corp

Advanced ASP.NET Application Development Using VB.NET & AJAX


"The course was well organized and provided a huge amount of information in a clear and concise way. The instructor was excellent – kept the pace of the course moving and provided lots of real world examples."
– Sankar Ram

"Course content, lab exercises, and instructor were excellent."
– S.H., Virtusa


SharePoint 2010 Administration and Utilization


"This training far exceeded my expectations. The instructor has been a wonderful and very knowledgeable trainer. All of the concepts were clearly explained using real world examples. Questions were answered quickly and concisely. I will definitely be signing up for additional classes and referring friends to use SPIRO training. Thank you!"
– Arumugan,Inautix


SharePoint 2010 Custom Site Development

"The course content exceeded my expectations. Student guides are very helpful. I was pleased with instructor knowledge and presentment of useful examples."
– Siva Kumar


Using SharePoint for Information and Task Management

"Great class. I highly recommend SPIRO for training. I have taken classes from SPIRO and have been very pleased with classes, the information covered, the knowledge of the teacher and the class materials."
– Aarthi, Dellas Tech

Learning to Basic Java Program


"The course was a good ice-breaker to the world of Java. I feel much confident now to explore my automation skills."
– Thomas


Java- Programming


"I enjoyed the instructors teaching. He was willing to address scenarios specific to my current Java projects at the office. I found the course very helpful in understanding Java terminology and concepts. I feel prepared to continue using and learning Java on my own."
– Sarkunam

"The instructor’s knowledgeable of Java and programming in general is phenomenal. His understanding of the subject can be seen throughout the class. Answered all questions and provided analogies to day to day life scenarios to better understand Java and object oriented programming. The training in overall fully met my expectations and would like to recommend this class to friends/colleagues. "
– Vijay kumar


Java- EE Web Application Development with Enterprise JavaBeans and Web Services

"Very useful and informative. I’ll be a person with much more competence when I step in the office on Monday. I just can't believe I learned so many things in such a short duration."
– Muthu Kumar, Infosys

"This class was a great introduction to Java EE development. The instructor possessed excellent Java knowledge as well as a thorough understanding of computer science. I will definitely consider SPIRO for my next training."
– Deena Dayal , Premiere Global Services


Java- EE Web Application Development with Apache Struts 1


"This is my second class from SPIRO. I have been very impressed with the caliber of the instructors. They bring a wealth of real world experience to the classroom. I've taken many classes from many vendors and SPIRO is head and shoulders above anyone else. The instructor did an excellent job!"
– Mahesh Kumar

"Instructor very knowledgeable. A lot of material covered in a short time, but this was exactly the depth/breadth of subject coverage I wanted. Worth the week/trip."
– Jayalakshmi

"I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I thought the lab partnership concept was great. Great instructor with lots of knowledge. My overall experience was wonderful!"
– Ibrahim


Programming Java- EE and Frameworks: Web Application Development Using Spring, Hibernate, AJAX and Web Services


"The instructor is clearly highly experienced in the subject, with an expert in-depth knowledge which allows him to explain complicated issues very clearly."
– Ganesh Kumar

"Instructor was very good. Knowledgable, provided real world examples, good presentation! Thanks!"


XML Programming

"SPIRO was hands-down the best training experience I've had in my professional career. The instructor was outstanding! Not only did he thoroughly understand the subject matter at hand, but he also had an extensive background and understanding of related material. He was very good at presenting the material and making it easy to understand."
– Muruga doss

"This has been the best class that I've had in the last 4 years. Excellent hands-on labs! The instructor did a great job of making XML very understandable and fun. Great job!"
– Manimaran

SQL Programming


"This course was exactly what I needed to learn SQL. I will definitely refer to SPIRO in the future for my instructional needs."
– Jaya Prakash

"This was the best course and best instructor I've had in 10 years. Instructor is very knowledgeable and kept class interested. Great job!"
– Punitha


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration

"Great course. Fast paced learning covered exactly what I needed."
– T.W., United States Navy

SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

"The instructor's real-world examples and the hands-on exercises definitely helped clarify concepts. He knows the material very well." – Jegan

Web Site Development with HTML/JavaScript


"This was a great workshop. SPIRO was very accommodating with my travel necessities. Very impressive. I am sincerely looking forward to my next Course (PHP) in a couple of weeks."
– Malaravan
"Instructor was highly knowledgeable. Handouts were excellent! Course exceeded expectations."
– Mahesh bhoopathi ,Roy Group


JavaScript Programming

"The instructor was great and the rule of three helped me understand the material. You can't beat: Talk about it. See it. Do it."
– E.Kavya

"Very good course – covered many interesting topics. I learned a really tremendous amount for only 20 Hours. This will greatly help me in my current job."
– C.Hasith., Net QOS

"This has been my best technology-training course. The subject matter directly relates to what I'm doing at work. The fact that the instructor is so knowledgeable was refreshing. He took the time to answer questions and patiently explained also giving examples. I will be referring others to this class."
– A.Chinaadurai. Sun Terra tech

Perl Scripting


"I loved the class. It was thorough and very informative and a good combination of lecture, examples, and hands-on. I would definitely use SPIRO again!"
– Sumantha
"Training was excellent. Course and material were well presented and the instructor was very competent and professional."
– Richard
"The instructor far surpassed my expectations, answering all my questions concisely, and even walking through examples that could be immediately implemented. He was extremely knowledgeable and interested in expanding the lesson plan to include more in-depth questions that came up. I'd definitely recommend this class."
– T.J., San Francisco Convention and Visitors


Perl Programming and CGI Scripting

"Very good instructor! Very knowledgeable in Perl and CGI. It was very refreshing having an instructor who knew more than what was just in the book. Thank you!"

"Enjoyed this course. Received just what I was looking for, a solid intro to Perl."
– Mahendran

"This was one of the best training weeks I’ve had. The instructor was by far the most entertaining and down to earth instructor I’ve had. I will surely check with SPIRO first next time I have training needs. "
– Dinesh kumar

PHP Programming


"It is not often I come out of a programming class knowing I can immediately put the language to use. After taking the PHP programming course I will begin using the language immediately with the confidence that I understand what is going on."
– Kokila vani
"The instructor had a great grasp of the language, his years of industry experience really came through in the examples and tips. Although I came into the class with a lot of PHP knowledge, I am leaving it with a much more solid understanding of the fundamentals, and have gained some valuable techniques that I plan to utilize at once. I consider it time well spent."
– Sidarth
"I really enjoyed the course! It helped me solidify my understanding of PHP. With this course I feel strongly that I can move from 'hack' status to a real programmer. I enjoyed the instructor’s presentation and handling of the questions."
– Milan


ASP Programming

"I am always looking to improve my skill set, and SPIRO definitely did that. I will recommend SPIRO training to others, and will seek training from them in the future."
– Srinivasan, Sathyabama University

"I have taken four or five classroom-based courses over the last year and this ASP programming course was by far the best. Very well organized, and instructed. It covered exactly the right amount of material and applied focus to the proper areas."
– Prince, Accenture

"The hands-on capability of the labs and amount of labs allows students to truly learn the ASP code."
– Jaya Prakash

Windows 2008 System Administration


"Great class. I learned a lot of valuable admin tools to run my network more efficiently and effectively."

"Very good class. The instructor was excellent … his knowledge really shown through with his real life examples."


Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Group Policy and Security Design


"Excellent trainer. He was very thorough with his explanations throughout the course. The diagrams were also very helpful. Hands on training has always benefited my educational experience. I would highly recommend this class. I also appreciated working in a team environment to have complementary skills and partner input."
"Great course. Fast paced learning covered exactly what I needed."
"Labs were very effective in demonstrating objectives."


UNIX/Linux Fundamentals

"This was an exceptionally good class. The labs were very helpful in learning the material. The instructor was clear and although I’ve worked on UNIX systems for years, this really helped me glue some stuff together."

"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable. He truly is a UNIX guru. The mix of lecture and hands on was perfectly timed. I would highly recommend this class. "

"Instructor's real world experience and ability to relate it to the course material was useful. Looking forward to the Linux Administration course."

Linux System Administration


"The instructor did an excellent job with the class. It was very informational and enjoyable. He did a good job mixing in real world views to support the lessons."

"I would like to thank SPIRO for doing a great job organizing this course. The instructor was amazing and really knew his material. I would most definitely consider attending another SPIRO course."


Korn Shell and Bash Shell Programming


"One of the best training classes I have ever had. I will definitely recommend SPIRO to my friends for their training needs."
"Great instructor; very responsive to every question, would stay with us after hours."
"I learned a great deal from this class. The knowledge I gained will help me greatly at work."

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So far we have provided R&D training for more than 1,00,000 engineering Students.
Latest Projects 2012, Latest Technologiy Project
Had conducted seminars in the recent trends of technology at various colleges.
Our research projects had been presented in various National & International Conferences.
Most of our projects were identified by the industries as suitable for their needs.
Our n-number of students got research scholarship to extend our assisted projects for further development.
Training and Developemt, Project Development in Chennai
SPIRO guarantees small class sizes.
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SPIRO guarantees quality instructors.
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SPIRO guarantees competence.
Projects, student projects
SPIRO guarantees that training from SPIRO will be more cost-effective than training from any other source.
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SPIRO guarantees that students in open-enrollment classes are protected against cancellations and will be able to receive desired training at the cost they expect and in the time frame they have planned.
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SPIRO guarantees overall quality with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied for any reason, simply withdraw before the second day of any class. Notify the instructor and return all course materials and you will receive a 100% refund.
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